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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

What Content Must Your Restaurant Website Display?

"Amanda steps out with her officemates for lunch, and no one has a strong opinion where to eat. She picks up her phone and searches for Mediterranean restaurants, and lucky you! Yours appears near the top of the list.

While the well-placed photos of dolmas and falafel look enticing, what isn’t alluring is the long wait as she downloads a full menu. After waiting ten seconds for the list of appetizers to appear, it’s on to the next restaurant from the list."

If you own a restaurant and this happens to you, congratulations! You just lost several customers, perhaps permanently. With so many restaurant choices available in many areas, and with information available at the press of a screen or button, your website needs to offer what people want – and quickly.

So… what exactly does a restaurant website need? Based on informal surveys and offering this question as a part of my "Responsive Design and Development Gotchas" talk, here are some suggestions in no particular order: