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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Welcome, DevSpace 2017 Visitors! UI Presentation Slides Are Online

Welcome, DevSpace 2017 Visitors!

Thanks for coming to my two speeches!

Developers: Why Care About the User?

As developers, we deal with technologies, frameworks, and data, making it very easy to forget that what we create is meant for real people to use. 

While designers and UI specialists should handle most decisions about how a product or service looks and feels, we should all be on the same page to make better solutions. Whether we are building an interface for a desktop website, mobile application, or chatbot, what are some basic design concepts that we as developers can pick up, allowing us to be on the same page with designers and product owners during product meetings and discussions?

Why Nobody Fills Out My Forms

Has your web form conversion rate hit a wall? Are users not receiving confirmation e-mails, getting pestered with password or data format warnings *after* they finish entering their information, or bailing after being asked the same questions multiple ways? Find out why not enough people are filling out your web forms, and learn suggestions of A/B tests you can try to help encourage more people to interact.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Tablets and Hybrids Need Mobile-Optimized Websites, Too! Slides

Slides to my Connect.TECH 2016 and Scenic City Summit talk - Tablets and Hybrids Need Mobile-Optimized Websites, Too! - are now available at SlideShare!

It takes extra work to deliver a truly responsive website. Since larger tablets and hybrids such as iPad Pros and Windows Surface devices can fit the full size of a standard laptop/desktop website, a tempting thought is to save time and deliver to them the exact same experience. This talk may change your mind, elaborating on why that kind of thinking can hamper the user experience and possibly drive people away, perhaps to access your website on a laptop or smartphone, or worse yet to a competitor.